Wednesday, August 24, 2011

School starts

Today is the first day of school at North Cedar. Emily has already started her schooling; I am so impressed Laura has time to do homeschooling! I am sure it all will go well. I start school, volunteering that is, on Monday.

Not much to report this week, two search committee meetings, last night and tonight. I need to fix part of the meal for tonight's meeting when I get home from volunteering at the library today. Bill has Legion membership dinner Friday night; this weekend is my class reunion--celebrating 50 years. Doesn't seem possible. We have 10 out of 14 classmates coming. We should have lots of time to get reacquainted.

Ben finished his racing at Tipton last Friday night--and not in a good way. The B-mods only completed 2 laps before the race was called due to too many yellow flags. Ben wasn't in any of the incidents, although he did get sent to the rear for supposedly not following the flag man's directions. He still finished 9th in points; not bad for a rookie year.

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  1. Ha, not sure I have time, but making time because I think it is important and the best for us at this moment...