Wednesday, August 17, 2011


This is the last week of racing at the Cedar County Raceway. The last few weeks haven't been good for Ben or his dad. Last week Ben won his heat; was leading the feature until a yellow flag, the clutch went out of his car and he was done. Dan had motor failures the past three weeks. We keep telling Ben that racing is expensive; but--- (I really think Grandpa likes it as well as Ben!) The car is sitting in the shop ready for the new clutch.

Have enjoyed the great weather his past week. No air conditioning needed. We could use some rain though. I watered my one tomato plant this morning and noticed something has been eating the tomatoes other than me. My cucumber plants died so only got a couple cucumbers. My gardening is better done at the farmers market.

Larry is farming full time again starting this week. He has been at work for the past couple of weeks. It just means I should make meals for lunch as he is usually here to eat. Makes me think about making good choices and think ahead (rather than at 11:00) so I can have lunch ready anytime between 11:30 and 12:30. He took a load of corn out of the bin here yesterday and put a new headliner in his tractor. So much happier than when he is working in town.

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