Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreary Day

It's foggy and yucky out! Need sun! And then it is supposed to be cold again? I thought it was spring...

We had a fun time at Sherrie's Saturday night. Good to see Jason again. Too bad he had to drive home, Moline airport is not good to him. Hopefully the next time I want to fly I have better luck.

Good to hear that Vanessa is getting phone calls from Caleb. It sounds like they are both doing well. Now if he just receives the packages we've mailed.

We learned about Volunteer Services at Evening Circle Monday night. Elda gave a great presentation and they are trying to get money to pay for the van they ordered. The wheelchair lift in the van is about half the cost of the van.

Off to the library this morning, tomorrow a hair cut and then work at the funeral luncheon. Saturday night is our last card club night for the season.

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