Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

I hope everyone is remembering our service men and women today. We think of Caleb often as he is training for his tour in Afghanastan. We put the flags up in the Lowden Cemetery Saturday morning. It was so pretty with them blowing in the east breeze. There was a lot of help so it didn't take long to get them up. I was honored to hang the one that was in memory of Grandpa Horman. We will take them down Tuesday morning. By each flag there is a stake with a name on it in honor of the veteran. This morning we will go to the Memorial Day service at the Legion Hall in Lowden. Bill will take part in the service with the other members of the Legion and Amvets. Our speaker will be Commander Quick of the U S Navy; he is the husband of Diane Gottschalk. Does anyone remember her?

Looking forward to seeing everyone next Sunday. Church is at 9:00, pictures afterward, then picnic dinner at the Amvets Hall. See you then.

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