Monday, May 17, 2010

New baby in the family

Congratulations to Greg and Chelsey on their new son. Hopefully we get to see him soon! Two more family members awaiting; Angie is (I heard in church yesterday) really ready to have this new baby born and Megan has a firm date of June 11th set if she doesn't go before then. Way to go girls!

We went to Houby Days in Cedar Rapids on Saturday; they had a car show so we took the Edsel and Sawyer's took the '57 and Glen took his car. Nice day for a car show; not too hot and not too cool. Deb and I walked the block where booths were set up and went into some stores. This is the area where the flood was and we saw lots of houses that were boarded up and to me looked like they were ready to be torn down. How sad. We ate lunch there--I tried a North Carolina pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw, very good. We saw the parade and the beautiful Czech embroidered clothes. One more thing crossed off my bucket list!

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