Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ready to go

The corn planter is ready to go. The seed corn was delivered this past week. The planter is filled with insecticide. Now we need some warm weather just like the kind we had last week. Frost on the lawn yesterday and this morning.

I spent Thursday at school typing the 5th graders patriotic essays. It is an assigned class in that they have to write an essay for a Lion's Club contest. For the most part I felt the kids didn't know what "patriotic" means. I read one really good essay and the rest were so-so. Glad it isn't my job to judge them.

Friday night was the Legion's final fish fry of the year. We went with Rick and Deb and sat with Gayle Mess & her husband (I don't know her married name). They are good conversationalists and we had a good time. 221 people were served; almost more than they served at our church dinner Sunday.

I am going to start work on invitations to mother's birthday and Horman reunion this week.

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