Monday, April 26, 2010

Busy Week

The rain left us with 130 acres of corn to plant. We needed the rain though, it was too dusty. Larry said the fields were so dry it was hard to get the seed into the ground with the planter. The rain guage here said .5 inches on Saturday and yesterday I dumped out 1.2 inches.

The big news of the week? They came and installed the cable tv on Tuesday. We had been looking forward to that for nearly half a year. Now all three tv's can get a different channel (which means I don't have to see an old western if I want to watch tv). It is working well. Along with that came a higher speed internet and our phone lines run on the the fiber optic. There is also 100 minutes of long distance on our land line. We'll see if it is worth it when we get the bill! Only down side is no phone in Bill's machine shed--they are charging $16 a month for phones in outbuildings!

Off to church the help put the newsletter together. Tomorrow is a trip to Independence to see Big Bud (the huge tractor at the museum). We are going to see if we will take Evening Circle there on our tour in June.

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