Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Reading Scholarship Applications

My newest volunteer job is being on the Margaret Dallas Scholarship Committee. 3 of us from the North Cedar School District read and rated 16 scholarship applications in the past few days. It is an interesting experience. Almost all of the apps had all A's or almost all A's on their high school transcripts. It was hard to find the best ones as they were all worthy.

My new carpet is in. After months of waiting and hours of carrying everything out of the 3 rooms; it took less than 5 hours to install the new carpet. The "new smell" is almost gone, or maybe I just don't notice it so much. My old carpet was at least 20 years old; I don't believe I will ever have to replace carpet downstairs again. Now I want carpet upstairs; maybe if I forget how much work it is!

Hope everyone had a great Easter and that Dallas is feeling well again.

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