Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Field work

Field work started officially today with Larry and Ben doing some field cultivating at Thelma's. Bill is off working for Liqui-Grow hauling fertilizer. I spent part of the morning at Mother's house while the electrican came and put in GFI's, a new light fixture in the bathroom and fixed the upstairs bedroom light switch.

Sherrie and I took mother to Davenport yesterday to see about a new brace for her leg. The technician (I guess I'll call him for want of a different title) said she didn't need a new brace and just tweaked the one she had a little bit. We ate lunch and took her to a recommended shoe store for a new pair of shoes. She found a pair she liked and they are bone not white, and although she thought they were very expensive she really liked them and thought they felt good.

The first race of the season for Ben was Sunday night at Vinton. He has a few bugs to work out yet; and is talking about going to Maquoketa Saturday night.

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