Thursday, March 15, 2012

Hanging clothes out to dry

This week I've been hanging my wash out on the line to dry. How wonderful is that? The bedding was hung out Tuesday, yesterday I washed extra blankets and hung them out, today I've got one load of Bill's clothes out and when the towels get out of the washer they will go out too. I am heading to the nursing home this morning, Pastor Steve is doing the church service at 10:00 and I need to talk to the administrator there. After that I want to get some groceries and then come home and type recipes.

We had our joint Lenten service at our church last night. Our Circle served the meal: lasagna, lettuce/dressing, garlic bread and bars. Julie, McKayla and I waitressed and we were very busy. As I told Vicki as we were sitting in the choir loft before church started; when you look out at the congregation--90% have grey hair, does that tell you that only the older folks care about attending Lenten services?

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