Wednesday, March 21, 2012


A lot of my time lately has been taken up with typing recipes for our new cookbook. We have over 500 so far and I just got a phone call this morning saying she would mail me her recipes so I know more are coming. I type, Marilyn proof reads and then I retype! We have a meeting next week so we will know then how many Vicki and Julie have typed. Should be a wonderful cookbook according to the recipes I have received.

The rest of my time, it seems, is taken up with doing stuff for mother. I took her some summer clothes yesterday; I called her lawn mower person from last year and told him he won't need to mow this year. Sherrie & Milan are going to do her yard. I am glad she feels comfortable in the nursing home and seems to be doing well.

Racing season begins in two weeks. Ben has been getting things ready, and hopefully he has a safe and fun season.

I have been sweeping up gnats. Those little things are between all the windows. The other night I was knitting by the open windows in the back room and was nearly inundated with them. YUK! Anyone else have this problem?

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