Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Car is stuck

My car is stuck in the snow--not on the road, not in the ditch, but down east of the barn! I could not get it in the garage yesterday afternoon when I got home from school, wound up crossways in the driveway. Bill tried; but ended up down by the barn and the final resting place is in a snowbank down there. Now this morning Bil is throwing up so it doesn't look like he is going out to clean the driveway or get the car unstuck. Maybe his brother will have to take his mother to her dr. appt. this afternoon. Sure don't want her to get the flu. I don't have to go anywhere today. But it sure would be nice to have the yard etc cleaned up by the time we have company on Saturday and Sunday!

We had a nice Evening Circle Christmas party at the 3-30 Club last night. Food was great and I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas trivia Joy and I did. We had questions about Christmas songs and for everyone you got correct you got a "La" and if you were wrong you go at "Fa". At the end we had them sing the Fa's and La's to a familiar tune. We didn't stay long because when we went to town there were large drifts on the north/south road that blew up over the hood of the pickup and there were more drifts on the way home.

School was delayed 2 hours this morning but I got a full day in yesterday. Seemed everyone wanted help. Did vocabulary words with the first graders. Am always amazed at the words they know already.

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