Monday, December 13, 2010

Bedroom update

Neal was here two days last week to put the skim coat on the bedroom walls so Mike could come and paint. As you all know, you just can't do one thing without it leading to another. Now Neal has to put new drywall up in the ceiling of the closets. He wants heat upstairs. I can't sleep in the heat. I sleep downstairs on the sofa bed. It stinks upstairs. I can't sleep when it stinks. I sleep downstairs on the sofa bed. My clothes are down in the other bedroom, Bill's clothes are in the storage room. Some of our clothes are in the dresser in the bedroom probably getting moldy! When will this get done? Then we can move it all again when the carpet gets put in which is all I wanted to begin with!

Some Christmas gifts are bought; none are wrapped. More gifts to buy. Need to go shopping again. Sue and I went Friday; I purchased a sofa, loveseat and chair. Anybody want the sofa bed and matching recliner that is in the back room? Let me know soon because it is gone when they deliver the new, possibly this week.

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