Tuesday, November 30, 2010


This has been the week of smells! Last Wednesday night as I was ready to go to Thanksgiving Eve service at church and was set to open the porch door, I saw a skunk. It was right there in front of me by the light pole. I didn't know what to do, if I opened the door and went out would it be scared and spray me? Bill kept saying if I shoot it, it will smell. Know what? It did. He shot it by standing on the porch just inside the door. After the 3rd shot, it lay dead--well the first shot missed but he got it finally with the other two. I left for church; the inside of the car smelling like skunk. Even when I left church to go home. Bill didn't want to carry the skunk away so it layed there until we got home from Thanksgiving dinner. The smell didn't come into the house, but the minute you opened the door--yuk! Finally I convined him he had to get rid of it. The sidewalk where he died smelled until Sunday. Phew!

Today it is the smell of fresh paint that I noticed when I got up. Mike Elijah and his painting partner came yesterday and painted the bathroom and kitchen. Only took a few hours, I guess. I was at school and when I got home it was all done. Now I have the curtains washed and ironed, floor mopped, all the woodwork was washed prior to painting. Now if it would just stay clean!

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