Monday, July 12, 2010

It's foggy

What a foggy day! I can barely see the road from the house; but Bill has been out and about already. We had a little rain yesterday, but not much. We are so better off than southern Iowa. The beans and corn for the most part look good around here.

We had company yesterday, Florence and Harlan came out to play cards in the afternoon. We hadn't gotten together with them for a long time so since I was sitting by Florence in church, I just asked if they would like to come out. She was surprised and pleased by the invitation. We had a good visit. Then Milan, Sherrie & Ashley came out in the evening. We let Sherrie win the rummy games and had a good visit.

We left Saturday noon to take my sewing machine to Iowa City to Shields to get it oiled and cleaned and then came back thru Nichols and Moscow. We stopped at 2 road side stands and got cucumbers, sweet corn, tomatoes and a green pepper. I think the sweet corn needed another day or two in the field, likewise the tomato, but fresh vegetables are the way to go. We will have our own sweet corn in a week or two I think. I even picked one small handfull of green beans from the 2 foot row I have planted in my flower bed! Summer is here!!!

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