Monday, July 19, 2010

American Pickers

Went to LeClaire Friday with 3 neighbor ladies. The first thing we did was look for American Pickers only to find they didn't open until noon. So naturally our first stop then was the quilt store. After stops at a few shops and lunch we went to the little place that held the junk/antiques I saw purchased on American Pickers on the History channel. The office gal, Danielle, is really very nice. She sure does have a lot of tats! A lot of people were there checking out the place (like us) but I didn't see anyone buying anything. Pictures were being taken. Imagine having a tv show based in a little town in Iowa! Fun day in LeClaire visiting shops. We then drove down to the Villages of East Davenport for more walking and shopping. It was hot but not as bad as last Wednesday was.

Bill & Ron R. trailered their M and MD down to the antique tractor pull at the Cedar Co. fair yesterday. Both came home with 2 trophies, (no money, darn!). Bill got a 1st & 2nd and Ron a 1st and 3rd. There are different weight classes you can enter depending on what tractor weights you add. Bill said the weights weighed more than they used to. He also had to have his nephew Ron drive in one class because of a weight issue. They had fun though and that was the main thing.

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