Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun Friday

Last night we went to our first basketball game of the season (about time since the season is about over!). Bill picked a good one to go to; we played Mid Prairie and the girls lost by just a couple points. Between games the school honored Ashley Himes with a Wall of Fame, 250 pictures on the hall wall of students from Stanwood, Mechanicsville, Clarence & Lowden schools, Clarence-Lowden School and North Cedar that have attained "celebrity" status, either in sports or the fine arts. They presented Ashley's parents with a plaque and dedicated the wall to her memory. The boys game was very close and NC won by 2 points in an over-time. After the game Bill, Larry & I visited the wall to see Bill's Mom's picture (basketball in 1943 I think), Larry's picture from when he was all-state football, and Caleb's wrestling picture. There are all kinds of pictures and worth the look-see.

I volunteered at school yesterday. Mrs. Pruess was gone on a 6th grade trip so didn't have to tax my mind trying to figure out the math she teaches to 5th & 6th graders. I got to work with 5th graders with spelling and English and put grades in the computer for Mrs. Hoffmeier. Much more my speed.

Thursday night Joy & I went to Maquoketa to see the movie "It's Complicated". Really enjoyed the movie and realize I should go to more movies. They say Blindsided is one to see.

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