Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I'm back

I've been trying to figure out how to post on my blog as blogger was no longer supported by my computer (or whatever it said and whatever it means). I'll try this to see if it works. Finally a morning without gale force winds. The guys are going to spray some corn today. Larry wants to get it done as Ellen is ready to go to see Caleb and Larry wants the corn sprayed first! When we put the flags up at the cemetery the wind was blowing hard. We have new flags and new poles as they all were ruined last year in the storm over Memorial Day. The new poles are a foot longer and much heavier than the ones we had and it took 3 guys to set the pole after the flag was on it--with the flag blowing out and the heavy poles it was hard work! But fun and the cemetery was just beautiful. We take them down tonight and hopefully we have lots of help as it takes much longer to take them down than to put them up. We took mother to Evelyn Ibsen's 90th birthday party Sunday. Talked to Harry Meyer and she saw a lot of people she hadn't seen for awhile. She sure enjoys being able to get around by herself without that dreaded alarm! Yesterday we had a wonderful Memorial Day service at the Legion. Larry, Ellen, Caitlin and Isaiah were there. Bryon Schroeder was our featured speaker (Donna & Bob Schroeder's third son). He was back a month from Afghanistan with the Iowa Air Guard. His unit is the one that will be losing its planes so he doesn't know his future in the guard. He gave a wonderful speech that he had written himself. Taps were beautiful and always make me cry. The Legion auxiliary served lunch afterwards and there was free keg beer! Why don't the paragraphs show? Help is needed!

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