Monday, October 11, 2010

Dust and bugs

At least twice a day I get to vacumn up flies, those lady bug type things and box elder bugs. I haven't had box elder bugs for a few years but they are thick this year. The lady bugs sit on the ceiling of the parlor and my bedroom and the flies are all over! It must be the hot dry weather bringing them out.

The fields are dusty. It doesn't take but a round and the combine windows are full of dust again. The corn is really dry for which we are thankful. But. Ben and I got a lesson on what to do if the combine starts on fire--like here is the fire extinguisher in this red holder and to use it you pull the pin and squeeze the lever. Take the combine out of the standing corn. After he scared the ____ out of me he left Ben and me alone in the field while he hauled corn to town. There have been a lot of combine fires in the area. I guess he heard the fire company goes out at least once a day. Word was Bob Rowold burnt up his combine. So I am paranoid now if I smell a whiff of what I might think is a fire (usually it is just the diesel smoke from Ben's tractor or I turned and it is the combine diesel smoke). Less than 200 acres to go--we will be done this week.

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